The Ashtead Jazz Club, owned and hosted by Tom, has been running for over 5 years, after a fantastic opening gig in July 2012.               Showcasing some of the best UK and international jazz talent to consistantly packed houses, with every night featuring a different headliner or style of jazz, The AJC has become a fantastic institution, and a must-go-to venue on the jazz scene.


So whether you're into blues, be-bop, dixie, latin or anything in between, The AJC will have a night for you.

Opening with a quintet gig featuring Tom, Sarah Ruth, Tim Boniface, Ben Trigg and Phil Merriman, The AJC has gone on to host names such as Scott Hamilton, Polly Gibbons, Raul D'Oliveira, Kirsty Merryn, Amy Roberts,

Digby Fairweather  The Tara Minton Quartet and Andy Cooper.  

The AJC celebrated its 7th Birthday in July 2019 and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down!

"One of my favourite places to play!"

Sara Spade


"Most incredible gig with The Ashtead Jazz Club.  On a love music high!"

Tara Minton


"What a great place to play, let's do it again sometime!"

Raul D'Oliveira


"Thanks so much for having us to play at your brilliant club!"

Amy Roberts


"A real priveledge"

Tim Boniface

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